Oversized Head

Thunderbird was founded on the principle every kid should have high quality, easy-to-learn-the-game equipment. Catching is hard. Scooping is hard. Thunderbird makes it easier with a 50% larger head. Pick up 3 balls at one time!

Aluminum Alloy Shaft

This strong lightweight shaft is sized specifically for your child. The shaft length is customized for your child. This is no kids toy. This is aircraft grade aluminum in a concave octagon shape for better grip. Thunderbird only uses the highest quality materials.

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Hand Strung

Each stick was meticulously strung to our exact standards and tested to ensure your child has the best opportunity to succeed.

Complete Solution

Thunderbird ships a complete custom sized ready-to-play stick directly to your child.

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Learn the game

The Thunderbird team has added tape to show hand placements for passing, scooping and catching. Check out our instructional videos. The videos are meant to “show” the fundamentals not “tell”. We have found that kids learn faster by observing the action rather than listening to instruction.

About Us

Thunderbird Sporting Goods was founded after years of frustration with high priced brand name sports equipment with varying quality.

The marketing material rarely gives any meaningful information but instead relies heavily on marketing jargon and made up “technologies”, each with a more ridiculous name than the last.

We simply want to provide high quality products at a fair price. We will tell describe the product in terms you can relate while also including the technical specs so you can do your research if you like.

We are building a brand you can trust. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will get right back to you.

Our Videos


“I gave the sticks to kids that were having a tough time catching, scooping and passing. Both kids gained confidence and improved over the course of the season. In the end, both parents bought the stick.”

Surge Lacrosse Founder

“I recommended adding a visual and tactile element to the sticks for hand placement. It really makes a difference in teaching beginners the right way to play”

Atlanta Lax Club Founder