beginning lacrosse drills

3 Beginning lacrosse Drills That Will Make You Better Today [video]

Like any sport, the best way to master lacrosse is practice. But where do you begin? The following beginning lacrosse drills will teach young players exactly what they need to know. From stick handling basics to how to throw the ball and pick up ground balls, this article will set your player up for success. Stick Handling Basics The right stick will make the rest of these drills much easier. For those who are just getting started, the larger head on the Thunderbird youth lacrosse sticks make it easier to throw and scoop. Once you have the right stick, you need to know how to hold and use it. Below… Read More

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Youth Lacrosse Sticks

Better Gear, Better Player: Choosing the right Youth Lacrosse Sticks

The most important piece of gear for the young lacrosse player is a beginner stick. The best youth lacrosse sticks make learning the game easier and are different than what you would purchase for a more seasoned player.  So what do you need to look for to choose the best lacrosse stick for beginners? Before you can pick a lacrosse stick for a beginning player, you need to understand the parts of a youth lacrosse stick, and how it can help your player develop. Parts of a Youth Lacrosse Stick The Lacrosse Head. Beginner lacrosse sticks should have a larger head than a normal lacrosse head. The wider opening makes… Read More

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basic lacrosse rules

Basic Lacrosse Rules You Need to Know for Youth Players

The basic rules of lacrosse are different depending on the age level. What is acceptable in high school men’s lacrosse is not at the youth level. That goes for game play, as well as requirements for lacrosse gear. Here is a complete list of basic lacrosse rules, however below are some highlights for the U6, U8 and U12 age brackets that you need to know to get started. Field Size. New for 2018, U6, U8, and U12 can use the unified small-sided field diagram as an alternative to the existing boys 60×35 yard field. The smaller field is designed so help players touch the ball more. Stick length. Stick size… Read More

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youth lacrosse gear

5 Truths about Youth Lacrosse Gear for the Beginning Player

Investing in good youth lacrosse gear can help a players game and protect them from injury, however before you go out and spend a ton of money on beginner lacrosse equipment for your son, you need to know these five truths before you buy. Don’t overbuy for U6 Players. The name of the game at this age is fun, and too much equipment can get in the way. You don’t need the complete youth starter sets for this age lacrosse player, the only youth lacrosse equipment you need is a mouth guard and a stick that will help them be successful. It’s not recommended that players have a regulation lacrosse… Read More

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