beginning lacrosse drills

Like any sport, the best way to master lacrosse is practice. But where do you begin? The following beginning lacrosse drills will teach young players exactly what they need to know. From stick handling basics to how to throw the ball and pick up ground balls, this article will set your player up for success.

Stick Handling Basics

The right stick will make the rest of these drills much easier. For those who are just getting started, the larger head on the Thunderbird youth lacrosse sticks make it easier to throw and scoop.

Once you have the right stick, you need to know how to hold and use it. Below is a good stick handling basics video by IMG Academy lacrosse program. There is also a good offensive drills series by IMG academy lacrosse program. You can find it and more on their youtube channel.

Beginning Lacrosse Drills Practice Guide

For the following drills try to complete one or two of the drills 3-­4 times per session.

WALL BALL (trying to hit one area when you throw the ball)

Normal­. Hold one hand at the bottom of the stick and the other about halfway up the shaft in a comfortable position. When throwing use your top hand to push forward and your bottom hand as more of a guide. Focus on pointing the butt of the stick at the target, snapping your wrists on the pass, and following through.

Quick Stick­. Move your hands closer to the middle of the stick in a more choked up position and focus on catching the ball and getting it out of your stick quickly with no cradles.

  • 15 normal right
  • 15 normal left
  • 25 quick stick right
  • 25 quick stick left
  • 20 normal right
  • 20 normal left


Roll a ball out to yourself and scoop it up. Focus on approaching the ball with speed, getting your hands low to scoop (knuckles touching the ground), and bringing the head of the stick into your body once you’ve scooped the ball to protect it from opposing players.

Finally, accelerate out to open space. If you have a partner you can make a pass to that partner after you scoop the ball.



Start 5­10 yards away from the goal and shoot to warm up at first focusing on good form (elbows away from the body with the top hand elbow making an L as well as once again pointing the butt of sick at the target, and stepping towards the target) shoot 10 reps with each hand. Back up to 10 yards and shoot 10 more each hand trying to hit a spot on the goal.

Then shoot 10 each hand on the run putting emphasis on running towards the goal and not fading away, as well as aiming for the opposite side of the goal from the side you are running.(example: if you are running at the left goal post aim for the right side of the goal)

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