youth lacrosse gear

Investing in good youth lacrosse gear can help a players game and protect them from injury, however before you go out and spend a ton of money on beginner lacrosse equipment for your son, you need to know these five truths before you buy.

  1. Don’t overbuy for U6 Players. The name of the game at this age is fun, and too much equipment can get in the way. You don’t need the complete youth starter sets for this age lacrosse player, the only youth lacrosse equipment you need is a mouth guard and a stick that will help them be successful. It’s not recommended that players have a regulation lacrosse stick at this stage, but you don’t want it to be a toy either.
  2. Invest in a Good Head. Other than a mouth guard, the one piece of equipment every age group needs is a lacrosse stick. Invest in a good one that will help your player be successful. A larger than normal head will make it easier to scoop up the ball. A narrow face helps with cradling and more accurate passes and shots.
  3. Get a Sturdy Lacrosse Shaft. Whether U6, U8, U10 or U12, beginner shafts need to be cut to the size of your player. You’ll want something lightweight to make it easier to carry. Hand placement markers will ensure your player is learning the correct techniques from the beginning.
  4. Get a good helmet. Once boys get to the U8 and up age bracket, they must wear a helmet. Even at these young ages where contact is limited, concussions are still a concern. Invest in a good lacrosse helmet. Cascade typically makes the best helmet.
  5. Save Money with Used pads. If you are looking to save money on beginner lacrosse equipment, do it in the pads. There is limited contact in any league U10 and under, and even used equipment will protect your youngster. You can often find great gently used chest protector, shoulder pads, and gloves for the younger ages too because parents will outfit their child with the latest lacrosse equipment brands then realize the sport isn’t for him.

Your Youth Lacrosse Equipment List


Youth Lacrosse Stick (includes head and lacrosse shaft)

Boys Lacrosse Helmets

Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads

Lacrosse Gloves

Youth lacrosse cleats

Rib pads are optional


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