Youth Lacrosse Sticks

The most important piece of gear for the young lacrosse player is a beginner stick. The best youth lacrosse sticks make learning the game easier and are different than what you would purchase for a more seasoned player.  So what do you need to look for to choose the best lacrosse stick for beginners? Before you can pick a lacrosse stick for a beginning player, you need to understand the parts of a youth lacrosse stick, and how it can help your player develop.

Parts of a Youth Lacrosse Stick

The Lacrosse Head. Beginner lacrosse sticks should have a larger head than a normal lacrosse head. The wider opening makes scooping the ball, one of the fundamental skills needed for success in the game, much easier. The larger head also makes catching the ball much easier. The ability to catch and scoop the ball makes the game more fun to play so you are not always just chasing the ball. At this stage, don’t worry about the head being ‘legal’ or not, that doesn’t come into play until at least 11. Right now you are looking for something that will give your player confidence.

The Shaft. Beginner sticks should have a lightweight shaft that is just the right size for your player. Youth lacrosse stick length should be just above the boys waist
when the butt of the stick is on the ground. For better training, it helps to have hand
markers on the shaft too. Training to move your hands for catching and throwing
are important to learning basic skills and having early success.

Stringing. The stringing is an important element for kids lacrosse sticks. Cheap
lacrosse sticks won’t pay much attention to the stringing. For a beginner player
having a pre-strung stick that is broken in and ready for immediate play makes both
parents and boys happy.

In conclusion, the best youth lacrosse stick is built with kids in mind, and helps them have early success with the game.

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